Meet Our Team FFC

Malvika Trivedi
A very sweet and loving person who brings that extra soulful energy to FFC❤️
Her efforts and contribution to FFC projects are highly appreciated. One such project was the "Blanket Distribution" drive under "Project Shade". She handled and managed it single-handed, and made sure that the execution is done with great efficiency!
She doesn't like to be clicked much and works offline mostly but with effectivity and sincerity!

We love you Malvika to the core and we are happy and blessed to have you with us!
Keep up the good work and keep bringing the positivity and love to FFC❤️❤️

Much Love
Team FFC

She is full of energy and enthusiasm about the activities and projects at FFC Pathshala, looks calm but is full of creativity, ideas and knowledge. Ever ready to help, and create laughter and fun amongst children and volunteers.
Meet Sneha Kriplani, a young girl with so much talent and creativity. Her work is hugely appreciated, be it planning and executing our pathshala christmas party, painting activity, phonics and learning, hand printing, holi fun and learning etc ...anything...she is there to support, execute and help!

We are so so happy to have you with us Sneha...keep shining ❤️❤️
Much Love
Team FFC

She brings happiness to Pathshala, her enthusiasm and "masti" makes her even more special❤️
She is our lovely "selfie Girl" who is ever ready to make children laugh, smile,act and dance almost instantaneously!!
Her efforts to bring children together, teach them, work with them on projects and create happiness, is deeply appreciated and applauded!
Meet Varshha Bhojwani!!
Full of fun and extremely talented!

We are so happy to have you with us Varssha!
 Keep up the Good Work! 
Keep spreading smiles and keep clicking more and more selfies 😀❤️❤️
Team FFC

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