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Friends For Care (FFC) is an NGO functioning for the betterment and upliftment of the underprivileged families. FFC was founded by four Engineering students Mr.Prashant Chamarthy, Mr.Pratik Vasani, Ms.Radhila Taori and Ms.Sharmin Malik, with the aim of contributing towards the society and the being the change they wanted to bring. FFC caters to the needs of people of all ages. In the past FFC has worked in 5 slums in Nagpur, 1 in Pune and a Balwadi in Delhi. We, at FFC, arrange different programs based on the needs of people.

For Example: We arrange medical and Health check up camps, Various awareness drives, cleanliness drives, visit to Old Age Homes, Deaf and Dumb School, Personal Development and Motivational Programs for the school and college drop-outs of these slums, and learning and earning programs for the children and their parents.

Past Achievements:

FFC has been successful in achieving some of its objectives towards betterment of the society. They are as follows:

• Gutkha and Tobacco Consumption Eradication in the adopted slums.
• Motivated School Drop-outs to rejoin schools and colleges.
• Given aid and assistance to a neglected “Shilpa” who is challenged child.
• Felicitation of Maharashtra and Nagpur Traffic Police for their extraordinary services to the people of Nagpur.

Our Volunteers:

One of the major achievements of FFC has been that FFC has been capable of inspiring and motivating the youths and others to understand and take up their responsibility towards the society. Its volunteers work out of inspiration and dedication, a sense of responsibility towards the welfare of the underprivileged people. Its volunteers include people from various age groups and backgrounds. We have from various professional backgrounds like MBA, teachers, doctors, engineers, Businessmen, lawyers, students from various colleges like LMC, SRKNEC, Raisoni, LAD, Hislop, IGMC, etc. Apart from these we have housewives and others associated with us.

Some of the Projects:

1) “Disha…..Valuing a Child’s Dream”
The program includes teaching the underprivileged children, their overall development, assisting and teaching them Basic English and Mathematics, providing assistance to the school going children in their studies and encouraging the drop-outs to rejoin school and college.

Apart from studies, we make sure that the children have a room for enjoyment because “all work and no play” can make the child feel disinterested. So we play various outdoor and indoor games with the children, arrange picnics for them, small get-togethers and parties for thechildren.

We look after their habits, and motivate them to practise good habits, keep the surrounding clean, acquire proper brushing habits etc. Health camps are arranged for the children periodically.

2) “Khushi…….Spreading smiles”
The program Khushi has been undertaken in order to provide aid and support to the neglected physically and mentally challenged people who dwell in these slums without proper attention and care.

Also Khushi incorporates to being friend to children with others disorders and take care of the deaf and dumb people too. Khushi tries to speak their silence and give them words.

Every individual has talent, and too a special kind of talent, Khushi, just tries to fill in colours in the uncoloured pictures of life.

3) “Second Earners”
This program aims at providing aid to the economically backward people to generate income for their families through “Learning and Earning”. This brings in a scope to generate extra income for the family.

4) “Saathi……Being a Friend”
We at FFC cater and care for people of all ages. Being a friend to the old and the aged and providing the love and care to them, is what Saathi is all about.

5) Workshops:
FFC not only takes care of the underprivileged people but also arranges timely workshops for its volunteers for training and assists them in working for the people in better ways, in order to understand the special needs of these people. We offer workshops like:

• Seminars on Child Psychology and understanding a child.
• Human Rights and Child Rights.
• Certificate Programmes in Social Skills and Community Responsibility.

All the seminars and workshops are conducted by esteemed and learned faculty.


NIRWAN said...

we need help at Nagpur for a underprivileged old lade lying in the streets of Nagpur. If you can help, mail me at bsnirwan@gmail.com or call me at 08290503882, thanks and regards

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May You please send me Address of FFC in Nagpur.
My id is shipra.sonam2012@gmail.com

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