FFC cheers Shantibhavan inmates


FFC volunteers visited the Shantibhavan old age home located on Katol Road. The volunteers spent time with the elders residing there. The elders were in for a surprise as the volunteers had brought with them a carom board. Quite a few of the residents joined in and played a few games of carom all of which were one by one man! The carom board was left there so that the residents could kill time.

In order to provide relief from the heat of Nagpur FFC volunteers arranged for rounds of Nimbu Soda- a refreshing change for the residents who thoroughly enjoyed the cold drink along with the Channa Pooha!

The volunteers also talked at length with the residents all of whom were very happy to have people who were willing to listen to them. FFC volunteers also gave soap and some other essential utilities that the Shantibhavan authorities had asked for.

The visit reinforces the FFC belief that all people have their own set of needs and problems and that we must look after our elders the same way we look after the children!!

Report by

Karan Jhamb
FFC Volunteer

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