FFC Deaf n Dumb School Visit, Under Project Khushi


Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, A.R. Rahman, Bon Jovi, Green Day, Hello, Hi…..All these words mean something to most of us. Who doesn’t have a favorite colour, who doesn’t like sweet sound of music, who doesn’t like warm expressive “hello”s and “hi”s. We all strive to live an ideal life in this real world. But in this process we may distance ourselves from reality with time and forget how gifted we are to live the life we are living.

In another weekend encounter with reality our team of FFC had been the Rajiv Gandhi School for…It was sunny Sunday morning when we left and reached after a drive of about 2 hrs. We were welcomed by the principal of the school and other staff members. We had an interactive meeting with them where we were informed about the school and the students there. We enquired about the problems faced by them what we all could do to make life better for students there. Then we met the students. 

There were about 50 to 60 students of age group ranging from around 8 to 25 who came from various places in Vidarbha. Among these some could not see anything, some who could not hear and speak, some who had some other deformities that made normal life difficult for them. But yet they were happy, there enthusiasm was seen on there face and there actions. 

We had a really nice interactive session with the children there. Some who were not gifted with sight sang songs, some who could not hear or speak made some really good drawings. And others were happy playing games or talking and getting clicked with us.. We distributed some food and utility packets and some blankets to all. The delight was to be seen on there faces. The main agenda of our visit was to meet the children and have good time with them which we had to the most. Thus were successful in adding some colours of idealism in the painting of reality.

Place of Visit- Katol Deaf and dumb School
Date- 17th Feb 2010
Donation- In kind, Food and Utility packets, blankets.

Experience n write up shared by Harshad Kulkarni, Volunteer FFC Nagpur 

Ms. Sharmin Malik
Friends For Care

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