Project Raddi

Dear Friends,
FFC announces a fund raising project by the name "Project Raddi".
What is Project Raddi???
In order to raise funds for FFC activities and our children, we intend to raise funds through collecting Raddi (Magazines+Newspapers+Papers+Used books+etc),
which we would sell and generate funds for FFC activities(as we are falling short of funds for carrying out our activities).
So I request each one of you to spread this word across, email as many people as one could, so that we could get more and more stuff to be sold out.
We intend to generate funds out of waste ...out of Raddi....
Incharge of the Project: Mr. Yasir Lalani
Ms. Sharmin Malik
Place of Collection: School 1(Ajni), Nagpur
Days for Collection: Every Saturday and Sunday till we collect good amount
Time: 3.00pm to 5.00pm
Deadline: 15th March 2010

Email us @:
Please help us help them. Even if you are not regular or not an active member of FFC, now is the time when you could
come forward and help FFC.

Thanks & Regards
Ms. Sharmin Malik
Friends For Care

V r NGO wid a difference....!!!

Keep Caring.....

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