Ho ho ho.....!!!


Christmas for some is a time to enjoy themselves, eat sleep and make merry for a few special kids though it is just another day. FFC brought a change in this just another day of some children this Christmas eve!
The FFC members had planned a surprise for the children who were looking forward to another day of students. The volunteers played games with children and made them feel the festive spirit by distributing party caps and encouraging the children to decorate the Christmas tree. The children were so enthusiastic that after sometime the volunteers had a hard time controlling them.
The children decorated the Christmas tree with cards, ribbons and stars among others. A couple of the children decided to take the celebrations to the next level and entertained every one by singing songs and very soon a few other students joined the chorus.
But it was the appearance of Santa Claus which enthralled the students the most. The students all loved Santa and after determining that the children had been good and after a promise from them that they would behave well for the following year Santa gave sweets to all the children and needless to say the children were very excited and once the celebrations were over the children left with a smile on their faces and the volunteers with a feeling of satisfaction at spreading happiness!!