The World Environment Day Celebrations by FFC


05th June 2010:

@ Nagpur

Go Green!! Save Trees!! These are the words which are echoing every where when people in every part of this world are facing the wrath of mother nature is some or the other form ,be it floods in deserts or draughts in wetlands, record breaking temperatures ,earth quakes tsunamis and so on. Adding our sound it, we here at FFC on the occasion of The World Environment Day on 5th of June 2010 organized an awareness programme in association with Nagpur Municipal Corporation at Children’s Traffic Park. NMC standing committee Chairmen Sandeep Joshi was the chief guest accompanied with Baba Maind, corp orator of the ward.

A small animated documentary was shown along with presentations by FFC volunteers. The families and youth coming to the park were made aware of their responsibilities. Not missing the opportunity, our enthusiastic volunteers of FFC interacted with the children who were the major part of the visitors in the park. They were told about the importance of environment and how it should be care for. Along with this sapling were distributed to every one.

The following day we were at the Japanese Garden. The day being Sunday we got to interact with lots of people and distributed more saplings and urged them to care for the environment and how they could help us in doing that. We even planted with few saplings along with The Laughter Club at Japanese Garden. As our name goes “Friends For Care” we were successful in adding our bit to the much needed care for our ever so caring Mother Nature.

Report By Harshad Kulkarni
FFC Nagpur Volunteer

FFC cheers Shantibhavan inmates


FFC volunteers visited the Shantibhavan old age home located on Katol Road. The volunteers spent time with the elders residing there. The elders were in for a surprise as the volunteers had brought with them a carom board. Quite a few of the residents joined in and played a few games of carom all of which were one by one man! The carom board was left there so that the residents could kill time.

In order to provide relief from the heat of Nagpur FFC volunteers arranged for rounds of Nimbu Soda- a refreshing change for the residents who thoroughly enjoyed the cold drink along with the Channa Pooha!

The volunteers also talked at length with the residents all of whom were very happy to have people who were willing to listen to them. FFC volunteers also gave soap and some other essential utilities that the Shantibhavan authorities had asked for.

The visit reinforces the FFC belief that all people have their own set of needs and problems and that we must look after our elders the same way we look after the children!!

Report by

Karan Jhamb
FFC Volunteer

FFC Deaf n Dumb School Visit, Under Project Khushi


Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, A.R. Rahman, Bon Jovi, Green Day, Hello, Hi…..All these words mean something to most of us. Who doesn’t have a favorite colour, who doesn’t like sweet sound of music, who doesn’t like warm expressive “hello”s and “hi”s. We all strive to live an ideal life in this real world. But in this process we may distance ourselves from reality with time and forget how gifted we are to live the life we are living.

In another weekend encounter with reality our team of FFC had been the Rajiv Gandhi School for…It was sunny Sunday morning when we left and reached after a drive of about 2 hrs. We were welcomed by the principal of the school and other staff members. We had an interactive meeting with them where we were informed about the school and the students there. We enquired about the problems faced by them what we all could do to make life better for students there. Then we met the students. 

There were about 50 to 60 students of age group ranging from around 8 to 25 who came from various places in Vidarbha. Among these some could not see anything, some who could not hear and speak, some who had some other deformities that made normal life difficult for them. But yet they were happy, there enthusiasm was seen on there face and there actions. 

We had a really nice interactive session with the children there. Some who were not gifted with sight sang songs, some who could not hear or speak made some really good drawings. And others were happy playing games or talking and getting clicked with us.. We distributed some food and utility packets and some blankets to all. The delight was to be seen on there faces. The main agenda of our visit was to meet the children and have good time with them which we had to the most. Thus were successful in adding some colours of idealism in the painting of reality.

Place of Visit- Katol Deaf and dumb School
Date- 17th Feb 2010
Donation- In kind, Food and Utility packets, blankets.

Experience n write up shared by Harshad Kulkarni, Volunteer FFC Nagpur 

Ms. Sharmin Malik
Friends For Care

We are NGO wid a difference....!!!

Keep Caring.....

Project Raddi

Dear Friends,
FFC announces a fund raising project by the name "Project Raddi".
What is Project Raddi???
In order to raise funds for FFC activities and our children, we intend to raise funds through collecting Raddi (Magazines+Newspapers+Papers+Used books+etc),
which we would sell and generate funds for FFC activities(as we are falling short of funds for carrying out our activities).
So I request each one of you to spread this word across, email as many people as one could, so that we could get more and more stuff to be sold out.
We intend to generate funds out of waste ...out of Raddi....
Incharge of the Project: Mr. Yasir Lalani
Ms. Sharmin Malik
Place of Collection: School 1(Ajni), Nagpur
Days for Collection: Every Saturday and Sunday till we collect good amount
Time: 3.00pm to 5.00pm
Deadline: 15th March 2010

Email us @:
Please help us help them. Even if you are not regular or not an active member of FFC, now is the time when you could
come forward and help FFC.

Thanks & Regards
Ms. Sharmin Malik
Friends For Care

V r NGO wid a difference....!!!

Keep Caring.....

Ho ho ho.....!!!


Christmas for some is a time to enjoy themselves, eat sleep and make merry for a few special kids though it is just another day. FFC brought a change in this just another day of some children this Christmas eve!
The FFC members had planned a surprise for the children who were looking forward to another day of students. The volunteers played games with children and made them feel the festive spirit by distributing party caps and encouraging the children to decorate the Christmas tree. The children were so enthusiastic that after sometime the volunteers had a hard time controlling them.
The children decorated the Christmas tree with cards, ribbons and stars among others. A couple of the children decided to take the celebrations to the next level and entertained every one by singing songs and very soon a few other students joined the chorus.
But it was the appearance of Santa Claus which enthralled the students the most. The students all loved Santa and after determining that the children had been good and after a promise from them that they would behave well for the following year Santa gave sweets to all the children and needless to say the children were very excited and once the celebrations were over the children left with a smile on their faces and the volunteers with a feeling of satisfaction at spreading happiness!!