FFC Pune - Old Age home Visit


FFC – Pune chapter organized a visit to an old age home “SAHYOG” which is close to PICT College. First there was a briefing in the college about the past experiences and the planned activities for the ones who were coming for the first time to the old age home from the ones who had been there before.

We had a group of 8 people and the activities we planned included dancing, singing, story telling and encouraging the people from the old age home to share their experiences. We carried the laptop for playing music. When we reached the old age home we found that they were waiting for us. We started by having a conversation with the members of the old age home. Initially they were a bit hesitant but after a while they started interacting normally. There were people from various states and backgrounds so at first language seemed like a barrier, but as time progressed we realized that our conversation was not constrained by language.

The people who came to the old age home also did a commendable job. Once they were comfortable with us then we had a small intro of our group and asked them to talk about themselves. Initially they were not sure about what to speak, but later each one gave a nice intro. Then we started with some entertainment stuff as per our plan. One of our members, Pranali and Ashwin did a wonderful job with her dance .Also Abhishek did a few steps from his dance in college cultural program. There was one girl from neighborhood who is a regular visitor there, she also joined us and showed a few dance steps .Also we all joined them and shook a leg with the real dancers. We got our new friends with whom we had talked that evening on the floor and made them dance. It was heartening to see them smile and clap and dance. Every one of us enjoyed and shared that beautiful moment with each other.

After the dance we asked the members of the old age home to sing a few songs and one of them obliged us with a wonderful song from the yesteryears. He was followed by many others and this really lightened the mood and the evening really became a fun evening. Many of them sang Bhajans .

We bid them bye and took a promise from us to visit them again, wished us the very best and said that they would wait for us to return.

Sheetal N,
Member FFC Pune

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Somz said...

I represent Pune Nair Group and we are looking for some similar old-age home to pay a vist, spend some time and help their oldage home in some ways. I'd appreciate if you could share some list of old-age homes in Pune.

Soman Nair.

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