"School 2: Early Marriages"

FFC volunteers in School 2 with the children there. The place where we come together not only to learn and play but also to learn and care. This is our school 2 where volunteers of FFC take classes everyday. This is basically a roadside area opposite Hitvada Office, near Panchsheel Square in Nagpur, where the migrants from Gujarat live and sell Cricket bats and other wooden stuff to earn their living. Its an all together different experience to be with the people and be with the children there.

There are children of age group that ranges from 5 yrs to 22 yrs. The children are very much keen to study and are always welcoming towards the FFC volunteers. There are children who go to school and there are others who are dropouts. Among those who are dropouts, comprises of mainly of girls between age 14 yrs to 22 yrs who are already engaged in the villages of Gujarat and are just waiting for the season of Navratri to get married.
The elder girls and boys informed the FFC volunteers that in Gujarat which is their native place, the children are engaged as soon as they are born. So throughout their life they are aware that they have to get married to the person who they have never seen.
Apart from this there are other children who have the will and wish to study. But somehow this trend of getting the teenagers married so early still exists in our society.
We at Friends For Care stand and raise our voice for a change.
Are you with us?

If yes, join us in spreading awareness and educating the young minds in the society.

Which is why we say,
"Bringing the Change by Being the Change......".

Come join us in our endevour.
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A Salute to Maharashtra Police

Objective of the event: ·

To acknowledge the work of the Police and their efforts to minimize criminal activities. · To spread awareness amongst the people against Terrorist Activities and the Role of Police in safeguarding the citizens.
The city is always able to sleep safely in the night just because the police is AWAKE!!! Whenever there is a threat to the country, state, city, it’s the Police that comes into action first. We witnessed this even during the recent Mumbai terror attacks where on one hand the barely armed Railway Police faced the two terrorists bravely, and on the other hand the Mumbai Police had started rescuing the hostages from Taj before any other help arrived. Similarly, in Nagpur we witnessed the terrorist attack where the Nagpur Police showed up bravely. Nagpur Police shot dead three heavily armed militants who tried to enter the RSS headquarters in Nagpur in the wee hours on Thursday. As part of checking the influx of criminal activities and spreading awareness amongst the citizens, Nagpur’s Traffic Police has launched a vigilance activity through checking booths and barricades for vehicles etc.Also, the night patrolling police jeeps ensures peaceful sleep to the citizens of Nagpur. People always think negative about the police and doubt their ability and performance. But in the times of threat and crisis it is the police who comes into action first.

The Message:
So to make the people aware of their spirits and work, FFC decided to spread awareness against terrorism in a unique way, sending out the message to those who are enemies of the nation to become alert, that our “Police” is into action and we fear no terror on their part. We are ready with the brave armymen like these policemen. So as an acknowledgement to the activities of Police and to the whole Police Force, the members of “Friends For Care”, NGO working for the people, consisting mainly of youths from the city, presented a token of appreciation and gratitude towards the Police Force. By felicitating Traffic Police, the volunteers aimed at felicitating the Police Force, be it railway police, ATS, Local Police etc, for their efforts and hardwork, for risking their lives for people, for endangering their lives for safeguarding our homes. The Nagpur’s Traffic Police felicitation marked the felicitation of the whole Maharashtra Police.

Event Details:
Venue: Near Hislop College Road, Nagpur
Date: 24-01-2009
Time: 4.00pm

Dignitaries Present at the event:

1) Joint Commissioner of Police: Mr.Baba Saheb Kangale
2) Traffic Police In-charge: Mr. Jamil Ahmed
3) 35 constables of Traffic Police
4) Founder-President of FFC: Ms. Sharmin Malik
5) 15 volunteers of FFC
6) 30 children of the slum adopted by FFC

Other Details:

The children of the slum which FFC has adopted had prepared beautiful cards for the policemen with the help of FFC volunteers. The children presented the constables and others with cards and roses. Also the volunteers presented a collage of the bravery stories of the policemen as a small token of appreciation.

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