Visit to Deaf and Dumb School, Saoner:
Their mornings start with "Silence" and night falls in "Silence". They too have dreams and they too want to become someone in this "Nomansland", this world. Around 20 volunteers of "Friends For Care", on a sunday paid visit to these children. The volunteers were very excited and they gave quality to children there. The volunteers as a gesture of love gave the children sweets, fruits, biscuits, cricket bats, balls, rackets etc. The children too reciprocated their love with kisses to the volunteers and some cards to the volunteers.

The children had vision to become something and be someone.

"I felt so touched by their dreams and their dreams. I wish we could contribute for their better future", said Akshay, one of the volunteers.

"It was great to be with the children, their silence was powerful than the words", said Arshad, another volunteer.

The experience was great and the feeling was everlasting.

Join us to understand their "WORDS".
Keep Caring........

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