"Khushi......spreading smiles"


Dear all,
It gives me immense pleasure to inform you guys that the program "Disha" is running successfully in two slums of Nagpur.
And now we are all set for another program "Khushi".
"Khushi" is aimed for finding the children who are physically and mentally challenged and who are living in the unexplored parts of the city without any proper medical care and attention.
The objective of this program is to find such children and people and to route them to a proper channel of medical aid and make their families aware of their talents.

"Every individual has talent. Khushi will just try to fill in colours in the uncoloured pictures of life".

So please be a part of the program and let us
"help them help themselves.....with Khushi....."
"bring smiles for miles......."

Keep Caring.......coz tats the way it has to b........


Priyanka said...

I am a physiotherapist and dietitian, willing to volunteer for Khushi.

Friends For Care said...

Priyanka, thank u for ur interest. can u please mail me ur details.....at....friendsforcare@gmail.com....so that we can contact u....

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