"Christmas Party with Children"

This 25 th of december 2008 was celebrated with a difference.

The volunteers of Friends For Care celebrated Christmas with the children. The children along with the volunteers decorated the christmas tree and hung jingles and bells to the tree. The children then sang songs and danced to the beat of music with the volunteers.

The children also sung jingles, rhymes taught to them by the volunteers. Each child showed his talent by enacting something, or singing song. Few children recited poems taught to them by the volunteers and few completed the number countings and alphabets taught to them in the FFC classes.
The cheer and thrill of children was worth a sight and their enthusiasm was at its peak. The volunteers distributed their love and affection in the form of sweets and cake and the children reciprocated their love to the volunteers with acknowledgements and kisses.
Its a great feeling to be with them, live with them, teach them and learn from them.
Come be a part of "Disha.....where we value each child's dream".

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