Visit to Deaf and Dumb School, Saoner:
Their mornings start with "Silence" and night falls in "Silence". They too have dreams and they too want to become someone in this "Nomansland", this world. Around 20 volunteers of "Friends For Care", on a sunday paid visit to these children. The volunteers were very excited and they gave quality to children there. The volunteers as a gesture of love gave the children sweets, fruits, biscuits, cricket bats, balls, rackets etc. The children too reciprocated their love with kisses to the volunteers and some cards to the volunteers.

The children had vision to become something and be someone.

"I felt so touched by their dreams and their dreams. I wish we could contribute for their better future", said Akshay, one of the volunteers.

"It was great to be with the children, their silence was powerful than the words", said Arshad, another volunteer.

The experience was great and the feeling was everlasting.

Join us to understand their "WORDS".
Keep Caring........

"Khushi......spreading smiles"


Dear all,
It gives me immense pleasure to inform you guys that the program "Disha" is running successfully in two slums of Nagpur.
And now we are all set for another program "Khushi".
"Khushi" is aimed for finding the children who are physically and mentally challenged and who are living in the unexplored parts of the city without any proper medical care and attention.
The objective of this program is to find such children and people and to route them to a proper channel of medical aid and make their families aware of their talents.

"Every individual has talent. Khushi will just try to fill in colours in the uncoloured pictures of life".

So please be a part of the program and let us
"help them help themselves.....with Khushi....."
"bring smiles for miles......."

Keep Caring.......coz tats the way it has to b........

"Christmas Party with Children"

This 25 th of december 2008 was celebrated with a difference.

The volunteers of Friends For Care celebrated Christmas with the children. The children along with the volunteers decorated the christmas tree and hung jingles and bells to the tree. The children then sang songs and danced to the beat of music with the volunteers.

The children also sung jingles, rhymes taught to them by the volunteers. Each child showed his talent by enacting something, or singing song. Few children recited poems taught to them by the volunteers and few completed the number countings and alphabets taught to them in the FFC classes.
The cheer and thrill of children was worth a sight and their enthusiasm was at its peak. The volunteers distributed their love and affection in the form of sweets and cake and the children reciprocated their love to the volunteers with acknowledgements and kisses.
Its a great feeling to be with them, live with them, teach them and learn from them.
Come be a part of "Disha.....where we value each child's dream".

"Second Earners"


The 24th of December 2008, Friends For Care arranged a medical health check up camp for the children and the elders as well. The doctors conducted the check up. Also a small talk on cleanliness and hygiene and good habits was taken by few medical interns. It was nice to see children listening to the interns. The effect of the program was such that the children themselves came with "Being Clean all time" promises and came neatly and tidily dressed in the events that followed.

Along with the health check up, we arranged a small talk with the people of the slum wherein around 20 ladies and gents actively participated and expressed their views. They discussed issues like low income, drop outs of young children from school, gutkha eating habits among parents etc. It was notable to see women taking interest in learning english and coming forward to become "Second Earners" for their families.

In order to help them, generate income for their homes, the volunteers of Friends For Care distributed samples of mobile covers to the ladies of the slum. The volunteers taught the ladies to stitch the mobile covers. Almost 100 mobile covers were made by the ladies of the slum. The material for making the mobile covers was distributed by volunteers of Friends For Care. The volunteers ensured the sale of mobile covers in their peer groups and the income generated was given on basis of number of covers made by each lady in the village. This way volunteers tried to motivate the ladies to become a second hand in income generation for their families.