"DISHA": Valuing a child's Dream!!!!


"Disha", this programme has been launched with the aim of overall development of children.

It not only encompasses teaching children but also reaching out to their creative skills, literary skills and encourages them to display their other interests and expressions. The students of various colleges and youngsters from various professions come together each weekend to meet these toddlers and spend time by doing some constructive activities with the children, teach them, play with them.

These are the Youths of Nagpur working with the children, in Ajni, near Haldirams. The children join the volunteers with lot of enthusiasm and interest. Not only the children but also their parents are always eager to send their children to the volunteers to learn. The volunteers help the children with their school curriculum studies as well as basic English, Mathematics etc. The volunteers always aim at the personal development of each child there, motivating them to learn and earn.

We at FFC value each child.....and his dreams....!!!

Keep Caring...!!!!!

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