FFC Delhi - Textures of Life

We at FFC Delhi have been regularly visiting the government colony near Lady Irwin College. We have been organizing small games and activity sessions for the kids of the locality. These activities have proved effective for the rapport formation. It is very important that the members of locality get to know us well.
On 21st June we arranged for teaching various types of textures to the kids. All the materials were arranged by the members. It was amazing to see the level of enthusiasm amongst the children. Many of them who did not participate earlier were involved. A session in Texture making provided a chance not only for children to learn but also the volunteers got an opportunity to present their creativity.

In this session a resident of the colony approached us in regard to adult education. She was eager to know if we could have something planed for the women there. I believe we may welcome any suggestions for the adult education. In the end I would like to say that we may be able to change the small part of the society in our own special way.

KEEP CARING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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