FFC Delhi's Puppet Theatre

We FFCians organized a puppet show on 24th February in Govt. quarters, near Lady Irwin College in Delhi.

A puppet is a figure or doll made to look like a person or an animal. Puppets are controlled by people. Some puppets fit over the hand or a finger. Others have strings or rods that are moved from above or below. Puppets are one of popular audio-visual aids since time immemorial.
Some reasons for using puppets are:
1. Firstly, the audience gets attracted whenever the audio is supported by live images.
2. Secondly, audience can relate better with characters and so this is an effective way of delivering social message, which goes straight in to their memory.
3. Thirdly, stories can always be worked out according to the community setting so basically this type of a communication aid would never fade. It’s a one time investment and very cost effective technique.
4. Fourthly, its the best way to seek active participation at the end by just asking what they picked up from the story.

So on 24th Feb we went to the govt. quarters and organized everything. We were able to collect over 25 children and 6-7 ladies.

Our story was based on a schoolboy who eats out every time and due to his habit he falls sick one day and then when he was taken to the doctor she explained that he had contaminated water and food.
Type Of Puppets: We used hand glove puppets and the puppets, which were made by the girls.
We had four girls who did the playback part.

1. Impart education regarding sanitary practices.
2. Safety of water and importance of drinking clean water.
3. Personal hygiene.

Audience Response:
At the end we asked them lot of questions and we got many responses:
1. Most of them said that we learned that we shouldn’t use water without boiling.
2. Some of them mentioned that they should cut their nails short.(though we never showed that in the show but they interpreted it !)

Reflections: By and large it was a success and now we can use those puppets again in different situations according to the storyline.
1. Since we weren’t able to get a good backdrop for our puppets in the community we used a 'charpai' in a vertical position but that led to somewhat reduced sound and volume effects.
2. We weren’t able to attract the attention of some children (though very few) who were fugitive all throughout.

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