FFC Pune - Cleanliness Campaign

Keeping in mind the one of the aim of FFC, “Qualitative development in the life of the underprivileged”, FFC Pune undertook its first activities in one of the slums in Upper Indira Nagar, Pune with the intention of improving the plight of the people in the slums. For starters we first of all we visited the slum and surveyed it in a general manner .During the survey we found that the slum was very unclean with garbage lying accumulated over long periods of time littered lying all over the slum , this lead to very unhygienic conditions within the slum .So we decided to conduct a Cleanliness drive. So on the 28th of January, 20 of us FFC'ians along with a sir from PICT College visited the slum with posters regarding cleanliness and its importance and the consequences of lack of cleanliness .We put up these posters which were mainly in Hindi at many places in the slum. We also lectured them on the ways and means to maintain cleanliness and its importance from the health perspective, Mundada Sir also guided the slum dwellers regarding the same. We also had a good interactive session with the slum dwellers about the various problems that they are faced with and also to understand their thoughts also on how the situation could be improved for all living there. To sum up , it was a good interaction for startups !!And we now hope to take this further for which suggestions are welcome!!

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