FFC Nagpur - Visit To Deaf And Dumb School


FFC alongwith teaching in slums also take up visits to places.

This school is located in SAONER which is about 45 mins from Nagpur city.Here deaf and dumb children from various parts of Maharashtra stay,some of these children are dumped by their parents for the reasons being their inability to feed the children and for the rest of the children,it is a residential school where they learn the arts and means to earn themselves a respectable life and meet their daily bread and butter.

The children there are very much eager to learn new things and aesthetic.In their own world of silence,they enjoy the chants of life.The musical notes of their wordless songs seem more pleasant than anyother song ever made.

We spent a whole day with them,playing and interacting with them the way they knew.Not only did they enjoy with us,but even we learnt from them,learnt that we should enjoy the benison of the Almighty even in difficult times.

The spark in their eyes showed the heights they wanted to reach in their lives.

The children have their own way and technique of learning things.They studied the subjects which any other school would teach and wrote examination papers the very same way as as any other student like you and me wrote.

The children do their schooling from this special school and then for further studies they join institutes and colleges,or practise some profession.Here they are given professional training like making articles,pottery work etc.

They use special instruments to communicate and listen to 'our' words.

FFC team often make visits to this place,it has formed a special bond with them.

Their speechless world teach us all that which this world of words can never teach.

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