FFC Nagpur - Visit to Old age home


The members of FFC always wanted to reach out to people of all age groups."We never wanted to limit ourselves to only one age group of the society",so with this aim'the members of FFC decided to do something for the most deprived class of the society and the much older and experienced class.

The shanti bhavan old age home is one of the many homes started by the MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY which has around 150 inmates.

Completely abandoned by their families,these people have found a home for living here,out of the kinship of these sisters of 'THE MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY'. At this stage of their life they beseech for only one thing and that is love.

The members of FFC went around the home,talked with the people out there,heard stories of their achievements in their lives and their well being and then how they were ill-treated and turned out of their own houses by their very own children.The members interacted with them more to know how life was at the 'home' ,their daily work and routine.

The older generation is no less than the infants who demand love and care in the similar way.

Among them,there were few who were mentally and physically challenged,whose parents brought them to the 'home',to never take them back.

The members arranged to show them 'ARADHANA' movie on their demand.They enjoyed the movie of their time and appreciated our participation in watching the same.

They were very happy and requested us to continue visiting the 'home' .The visit was one which could melt one's heart .


zubeen said...

keep up the good work!

Abhishek Mukherjee said...

Nice ! Please let me know if I could be of any help. You can email me at abhishek@cs.unm.edu.

mail2yasmin786 said...

Friends, you'll are doing a very good deed. I dont have words to express what i feel and am willing to join this organisation. Please tell me what should i do to do so.

Friends For Care said...

Hi Yasmin,
Thanks for appreciation.
You can join the community on orkut =>http://www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=7804076
You can go thru the threads on that community for more details.....
In case of any queries please feel free to mail us at friendsforcare@gmail.com

kokila said...

Hi.. nice work & keep it up. I would like to visit this place. Will you please tell me the address.

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