Care For Friends


Friends For Care is for the people who:-

  • Believe charity Begins At Home

  • Believe that they can make a positive difference in the life of underprivileged people

  • Believe in taking the Initiative

  • Believe no help is small help if directed in the proper direction

Friends For Care (FFC) is an NGO functioning for the qualitative improvement in life of underprivileged people especially children. FFC has given a platform for students from various colleges wanting to do something for the social cause but not knowing how to go about it. People from all walks of life are welcome to join us as we could greatly benefit from their experience.

The purpose of this blog is to keep you updated with our efforts and to discuss opinions and issues and come up with suggestions and ideas also to inspire "We The People" to work for this cause and the belief that we can make this world a better place through what we call "Cascade effect".

We are presently operational in Nagpur, Pune and Delhi and we plan to start this movement all over India in a phased manner working together with you all.

In case of enquiries please contact Prashant - +919860090703 or e-mail :

FFC Nagpur - Visit to Old age home


The members of FFC always wanted to reach out to people of all age groups."We never wanted to limit ourselves to only one age group of the society",so with this aim'the members of FFC decided to do something for the most deprived class of the society and the much older and experienced class.

The shanti bhavan old age home is one of the many homes started by the MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY which has around 150 inmates.

Completely abandoned by their families,these people have found a home for living here,out of the kinship of these sisters of 'THE MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY'. At this stage of their life they beseech for only one thing and that is love.

The members of FFC went around the home,talked with the people out there,heard stories of their achievements in their lives and their well being and then how they were ill-treated and turned out of their own houses by their very own children.The members interacted with them more to know how life was at the 'home' ,their daily work and routine.

The older generation is no less than the infants who demand love and care in the similar way.

Among them,there were few who were mentally and physically challenged,whose parents brought them to the 'home',to never take them back.

The members arranged to show them 'ARADHANA' movie on their demand.They enjoyed the movie of their time and appreciated our participation in watching the same.

They were very happy and requested us to continue visiting the 'home' .The visit was one which could melt one's heart .

FFC Nagpur - Bhole Petrol Pump


FFC has adopted five slums in Nagpur and this is one of the slums where young enthusiastic members of FFC conduct activities every weekend.This project started in January 2005.A big slum where around 50 to 60 children come to 'us' to learn and play.

When we went to the slum,we found that the people were living in penury and the local profession was cutting stones and selling small small articles.It was not easy to make us acceptable to them,but we managed to gain their trust by following simple law of nature,'breaking the wall and making the bond',so we first started off by playing with their children and giving them incentives in the form of books,colour pencils,biscuits etc.

The children are in the age group of 8-16yrs.
We teach them basic English,poems,jingles,Mathematics,number and word counts,and many such other things.We also help the school going children with their academic studies.We also take up Day camps where the children get a platform to express themselves,their thoughts,analyse their lives and develop a vision to live a more meaningful life.These activities are planned keeping in mind their all round development which include mental challengers,physical games,art and craft,environmental awareness etc.This could give them more scope to express,learn and prosper.

FFC has till date conducted a lot of activities for this slum few of which are mentioned below.

We had taken the school going children of this slum for a visit to a science centre,'RAMAN SCIENCE CENTRE,NAGPUR' where they explored the world of science and astronomy.They were able to relate the science in the books with the models presented in the science centre.These things added to their knowledge and understanding.

When FFC reached the slum, we found that in the slum ,everyone from a kid to a grown up matured person had the habit of eating 'GUTKHA'.FFC alongwith the help of students from Indira Gandhi Medical College(IGMC) and Lata Mangeshakar Dental College conducted an awareness camp on the ill-effects of having gutkha,the photos of which can be seen on the Left hand side of the page.This camp was also conducted in rest of the slums.The camp helped to a great extent in eradicating the consumption of gutkha.

FFC also conducted AIDS awareness camp in most of the slums.

The next activity in line was for decreasing the drop out rate from schools and colleges,for which a motivational talk was arranged for them, especially for those who were drop outs.They were introduced with different ways to take back to their studies,where they could look in for oppurtunities and the options which would best suit them and help them in their growth.The outcome of the same was that many students willingly opted to join in again.

All FFC members contribute certain fixed amount through which finds for the programmes are raised and activities are carried out.

FFC Nagpur - Visit To Deaf And Dumb School


FFC alongwith teaching in slums also take up visits to places.

This school is located in SAONER which is about 45 mins from Nagpur city.Here deaf and dumb children from various parts of Maharashtra stay,some of these children are dumped by their parents for the reasons being their inability to feed the children and for the rest of the children,it is a residential school where they learn the arts and means to earn themselves a respectable life and meet their daily bread and butter.

The children there are very much eager to learn new things and aesthetic.In their own world of silence,they enjoy the chants of life.The musical notes of their wordless songs seem more pleasant than anyother song ever made.

We spent a whole day with them,playing and interacting with them the way they knew.Not only did they enjoy with us,but even we learnt from them,learnt that we should enjoy the benison of the Almighty even in difficult times.

The spark in their eyes showed the heights they wanted to reach in their lives.

The children have their own way and technique of learning things.They studied the subjects which any other school would teach and wrote examination papers the very same way as as any other student like you and me wrote.

The children do their schooling from this special school and then for further studies they join institutes and colleges,or practise some profession.Here they are given professional training like making articles,pottery work etc.

They use special instruments to communicate and listen to 'our' words.

FFC team often make visits to this place,it has formed a special bond with them.

Their speechless world teach us all that which this world of words can never teach.