Star Volunteers for the month: June


Congratulations for the Excellent and Outstanding Effort and work in the Month of June!!

Neil Banerjee    
Harshad Kulkarni
Shishir Mohanty
Anchal Saboo

 Keep up the good work and keep motivating the rest .

Keep Caring !!


aditya saboo said...

Hey good work all of you!!
Keep the spirit on!!

PAB said...

hey thanks a lot, would not hav been possible without the support of all u guys... hoping to c you all soon including the kids!! tc n keep caring. :)

PAB said...

hey thanks,, would not have been possible without the support of all you guys... hoping to see u all soon including the kids... tc n keep caring :)

dipan said...

good job guys gr8 2 see dat u work as in team.... good,keep caring.

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