World Environment Day

Since it was "World Environment Day" we asked the children to draw and express in ways to save the environment and the world...
They came up with beautiful ideas and drawings....

FFC Summer Camp - Day 3

Our day 3 starts with a little prayer, some easy asanas and our pledge ! 

FFC Summer Camp - Day 2


This is how we start our day

  we exercise

we pledge

we pray

we roar







Limbu chamcha



 FFC Cricket Team 


And finally snacking time!

FFC Summer Camp - Day 1

Day 1 at FFC pathshala summer camp started with a national anthem, prayer and some yoga asanas.

Children learnt to make small bird nests with the help of volunteers. 

 Snack Time to get energized for ames

We ended our day with lot of games and sports. This is the favorite part of our children.

If you wish to join us for the camp, please reach us at 00 91 98-81-518887
Or email at or inbox!
Much love
Team FFC

Summer Camp Coming Soon!